“My husband and I moved here from Richmond, Virginia, to help run my family’s inn. Guests often ask us what we do around here for fun, and I think there are plenty of things—kayaking, hiking, going to the bookstore, or just going for a drive. For me, one of the nicest things is being able to slow down and not have to get on the highway to go to work. And I love my job because it doesn’t feel like work. It’s a lifestyle.”

-Nancy Hanes Ess, The Inn at Manchester


Happy Vermonters is a new series of vignettes that share why people love Vermont. My traditional travel stories about road trips and offbeat places to visit will continue on HappyVermont.com. I’m just looking to mix things up a bit. I hope you enjoy! Drop me a line at hello@happyvermont.com and let me know what you think.  Thank you! -Erica


  • Well, the Inn is beautiful, as is Manchester and the surrounding area. What an awesome way to work for a living – I like your new concept for the blog too!

    • Hi Karen — The inn is wonderful! And Manchester is a pretty special place to live, too. Nancy is clearly doing it right! Thanks for saying hello! -Erica

  • The inn and town are beautiful, but what makes it special is the entire Hanes family and staff who go out of their way to make everyone feel right at home with them at The Inn at Manchester

    • Hi Donna — You are so right! I have had the pleasure of staying at the Inn at Manchester twice in the past few months, and it’s such a special place. The Hanes family and the inn’s staff are amazing!

  • I arrived from Scotland for a wedding September 2015. I thought the Inn was a wonderful place and have spoken about it lovingly since. We will certainly be back some day in the future.

    • Hi Kathlene – Sorry for my delayed response. What a wonderful trip you must have had! I hope you can return. –Erica

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