Vermont Country Store

The Vermont Country Store on Route 100 in Weston is one of Vermont’s most popular tourist attractions. At the store you’ll find everything from homemade fudge to flannel pajamas to collectible toys.

Owned and operated by the Orton family since 1946, the store started as a small mail-order business before becoming one of Vermont’s top visitor destinations.  The original store, an old Masonic temple, has since quintupled in size and expanded to four buildings. A second store location is on Route 103 in Rockingham.

The store is known for selling practical or hard-to-find items, such as Dr. Scholl’s sandals, rubber hot water bottles, Raggedy Ann dolls, and children’s Fisher Price record players.  It also carries jewelry, classic kitchenware, beauty products, cheese, candy and much, much more.

Is the store a bit of a tourist trap? Sure. But it’s definitely worth a visit.

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