Foliage on Bragg Hill in Fayston, Vermont.

Dave, Phoebe and I took a ride to Vermont’s Mad River Valley on Saturday. We hadn’t done much leaf-peeping this fall, so we were looking forward to enjoying some foliage over the weekend.

We traveled south on Route 100 and meandered along some back roads in Fayston and Warren. Eventually we made our way up to Sugarbush Resort ski area and sat outside to take in the scenery. The resort was packed with visitors who were either hiking, mountain biking, flying through the air on a Zipline, or just kicking back in the sunshine.

It felt wonderful to see so many visitors here for the weekend. Even better was knowing we were already home.


  • Hi Erica –
    Nice pics of Bragg Hill,and also the young ‘un.Both are beautiful.
    Mad River Valley is splendid anytime, but especially in the fall.
    I served the Green Mountain Club as a caretaker in the early 80’s, patrolling the ridge from App Gap to Lincoln Gap.
    The head of Sugarbush at that time, Ken Q.,used to let me bring supplies up to the top via the chairlift, which I’ll never forget. They ran the lift just for me; they were such a nice bunch of folks there.

  • @Elvira – Thank you! We had a lovely day, and Phoebe seemed to enjoy herself! Hope you are doing well!

    @Brian – That chairlift ride sounds really nice, and what a great job you had! I love the Valley so much. Such a great community! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Great to see photos of you and the family out and about… I always get sad when a baby comes and the adventurous people I follow slow down.

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