The festive display on Main Street in Orwell caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect to be so comforted by the town’s holiday decorations, especially because my senses have been overloaded with holiday songs on the radio and Christmas commercials on television. With all of the noise, the season can seem like a hectic blur.

I had been driving aimlessly for more than an hour on Sunday looking for people, places and things to photograph. The sky was colorless and the snowy mountains were covered in clouds. There was a subdued feeling in the air that the long Thanksgiving weekend was over, and I was struggling to feel the holiday spirit on such a drab day.

Then I drove east on Route 73 to Orwell and my day completely changed. I saw a Christmas tree on the Orwell town green, telephone poles adorned with wreaths, and the local general store decked out in ribbons and garland.

As I continued eastward on Route 73, I came across Red Sky Farm Market, a small farm that sells wreaths and Christmas trees. I stopped by, talked to the owner for a bit and ended up buying a handmade Christmas wreath before heading home.

For a town with only about 1,200 residents, Orwell’s sense of community and festive spirit is impressive. In the midst of the Christmas rush, it’s nice to soak up a small town’s quiet holiday glory.

**If You Go: Town of Orwell
Red Sky Farm Market
Buxton’s General Store/VAICS

Red Sky Farm Market
Red Sky Farm Market on Route 73.



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