The mansion at the park.

We celebrated Dave’s 35th birthday in Woodstock over the weekend and visited Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park, a 550-acre park that opened to the public in 1998.

The park is the only national park in Vermont, and it’s the only national park to tell the story of conservation history and land stewardship in the United States. The property was the childhood home of George Perkins Marsh, one of America’s first conservationists, and later the home of Frederick Billings. The park was created by a gift from its most recent owners, Laurance and Mary Rockefeller.

On the grounds you’ll find conserved forestland, pastures and trails along the hills of Mount Tom. The lower end of the park includes the old residential section of the property, which includes a beautiful mansion (tours are offered), a swimming pool and recreation building with a bowling alley.Sorry guys, the pool and bowling alley are closed to the public.

Dave outside the front porch of the mansion.


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