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Vermont Organic Dairy Farmer Abbie Corse Nurtures Her Family’s Agricultural Roots

While growing up on her family’s dairy farm in Whitingham, Vermont, Abbie Corse couldn’t wait to leave and do something else with her life. But when faced with a choice about her future, she realized she couldn’t walk away.

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Charlie Emers Bakes Bread and Finds Happiness in Vermont

Vermont baker Charlie Emers has been a professional bread baker since 2001. The former lamp maker and veggie farmer talks about becoming a baker and making a life for himself in rural Vermont.

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Vermont Cheesemaker and Literary Agent Angela Miller Learns the Meaning of Survival

Angela Miller of Consider Bardwell Farm in West Pawlet, Vermont, was on track to re-launch her cheesemaking operation, which had closed last fall. Then the COVID-19 outbreak happened, and the world changed.

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An Innkeeper Finds Renewal in Ripton

When Chris Bullock’s life took an expected turn, he returned to Vermont to run The Chipman Inn—the same inn his mother had owned and operated 40 years ago.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Chris Bullock got married, raised twin daughters, and went on to work for major hotel companies in New York and Boston. But after his marriage ended and he lost his job, he decided to repurchase the inn with his mother and come home.

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The Joys and Challenges of Running a Vermont Country Store

Running a general store means juggling many tasks at once—tracking inventory, running a cash register, posting on social media, and greeting customers as they walk in the door.

For Jack Garvin—who has worked at the Warren Store in Warren, Vermont, for nearly 40 years—it’s also meant being an active community member, making lifelong friends, meeting a celebrity or two, and learning how to outgrow his previously shy nature and become a more outgoing individual.

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Northeast Slopes: A Vintage, Volunteer-Run Ski Area

In East Corinth, Vermont, Northeast Slopes takes pride in what hasn’t changed since it opened 84 years ago. In this episode, we talk to Wade Pierson, who started skiing at Northeast Slopes as a young child in the 1960s. He’s now on the ski area’s board of directors and volunteers at the mountain.

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