It’s been a cold, snowy winter in Vermont and the rest of New England.  Here in Burlington, it was a record-breaking 19 below this morning. To help avoid cabin fever, I’ve been getting outdoors on a regular basis (even for a few minutes in subzero temperatures) to take photos of barns, mountains, and school houses.

Here are some photos from January and February I thought you would enjoy. You can also see more Vermont photos on Happy Vermont’s Facebook page and on our Instagram account (follow @happy_vermont).


Favorite Vermont Winter Photos

The UVM Wheelock Barn in South Burlington.


A view of Sugarbush Resort from East Warren.


A frozen Lake Champlain.


Barn and silos on Dorset Street in Shelburne.


School house on River Road in Manchester.



  • Traveled through Vermont two falls, in the late 70’s and thought the winters
    would be beautiful; as well as how beautiful it was with her Fall colors on.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Janie — You must visit again! The winters are beautiful but cold. This ski season has been fantastic, but many Vermonters are looking forward to spring at this point. Thanks for saying hello! -Erica

  • Hello,
    I just discovered your blog. Fabulous! I am a Vermonter, originally from Newport, then Burlington, now Bennington. I love to travel, but with the economic downturn, we have had to keep our vacations closer to home. It’s so great to read beautiful writing about the places I love. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Tara – Thanks for saying hello! I saw you on Instagram and found my way to your blog. How wonderful to connect with you! Looking forward to reading about your travel adventures as well. -Erica

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