What’s your favorite swimming hole in Vermont?

I grew up swimming in ponds and brooks, and spent my teenage years jumping off marble rocks at the Dorset Quarry. While I enjoy swimming in the ocean and lakes, I feel more connected to nature when I’m splashing around a good old-fashioned swimming hole.

One of the most beautiful places to swim in Vermont is the Bristol Falls swimming hole.  Located along the New Haven River off Lincoln Road, Bristol Falls is a dramatic, 15-foot waterfall surrounded by rocks that drops into a deep, misty pool.

While the falls are perfect for adventure-seekers, there are some quiet spots nearby along the river – including Circle Current – for those of us who like to take it slow.

Now that summer is here, I’m ready to take a dip.

**If You Go: Bristol Falls swimming hole (also known as Bartlett Falls) is located on Lincoln Road, just off Route 116 in Bristol. Parking for Bristol Falls is on the right. Parking for Circle Current is up the road on the right, just past parking for the falls.

For details on Vermont swimming holes, visit www.swimmingholes.org.

Bristol Falls swimming hole
Swimmers take a dip downstream from the Bristol Falls waterfall.


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