View of Manchester Village and Vermont’s Green Mountains.

I enjoyed this beautiful view at dusk while visiting my mom in Manchester over the weekend. My mom, Phoebe and I took a detour on our way to the grocery store to see this burst of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy, gray day.

Who knew November could be so beautiful? It’s moments like this that make me love stick season in Vermont.



  • Wonderful picture! Was it taken up by the school? Love it.

    I always loved visiting VT in November because it was after the leaf-peeping craze, but before Christmas or ski season really kicked in. Kids in school, nothing much really going on. Good lodging rates can be had too! Cold, but not COLD. I could go on… Its actually a great time to visit.

    I always liked being able to see the contours of the defoliated mountains, and the colors around sunset, like in your picture, are amazing. Purples, grays… subdued palate compared to the bright greens of Summer or colors of Fall, but just as pretty I think.

    Twice I’ve actually driven up from NJ just to see this type of scenery, then turned around after stopping for food and went home. (Can you say crazy??)

    Talk about a day trip!

    • Hi Scott,

      Wow — that really is a day trip! But I’m sure it was worth it, right? Yes, the photo was taken behind the high school. I’ve really grown fond of November over the past few years. It’s a quiet, cozy time of year, and it’s really beautiful. Thanks!

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