Adams Farm Vermont

When you visit Adams Farm, something about it makes you feel completely at home. The sixth generation working farm is a place where you can enjoy the outdoors in Vermont and feed goats, sheep, emus, horses, rabbits, and chickens.

We visited the farm, located off Route 100 in Wilmington, in late September. Phoebe fed and interacted with the animals, and she had the time of her life exploring and running around. Adams Farm is a friendly, fun, easy-going place that is perfect for kids.

The southern Vermont farm has been a family-run business since it was purchased by Henry and Sarah Adams in 1865.  Over the past two decades, the farm has offered more activities for visitors, including pony rides,  sleigh rides, agricultural demonstrations, a corn maze, and more.

Kip and Tina Cullen operate the farm and reopened the business in June 2012 after it was closed for a couple of years. The Cullens plan to host weddings and create a paintball course to keep visitors coming.

We tend to visit Shelburne Farms quite a bit because we live in Burlington. Phoebe calls Shelburne Farms “The Barn.”  Since our visit to Wilmington in September, she now calls Adams Farm “New Barn.” Yes, we’ll return to “New Barn” soon.

**If You Go: Adams Farm
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Adams Farm Vermont


  • Never visited this place, but will be sure to stop in the first time I get to bring my little girl to Vermont! Based on what you wrote, and going through their website, it seems it would be a lot of fun for kids.

    • Hi Scott,

      It’s definitely a fun place. My daughter is 2 and she had a great time. Very different from Shelburne Farms, but definitely worth a visit.

  • Are you related to Elliott Adams? He came from Willmington Vt and is my great grandfather
    Mary Krivicky

    • Hi Mary, I’m not but you might want to check with the folks at Adams Farm to see if there is a connection. Thanks! -Erica

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