Northeast Kingdom Foliage
Foliage in Peacham, Vermont

The foliage in Vermont this year looks better than ever. I can’t remember a fall in recent memory when the hillsides and valleys looked so bright and bold with color.  Sure, foliage season is always lovely in Vermont and rarely does it completely disappoint. But the exquisite beauty of this particular season keeps surprising me.

I had a rare day to myself today and took an impromptu drive to Peacham in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom . I lived in the Northeast Kingdom nearly 20 years ago when I worked at my first job as a newspaper reporter. Driving on Route 2 from Montpelier to West Danville today was glorious, and returning to Peacham for the first time in several years made me feel nostalgic and happy.

Northeast Kingdom fall foliage typically peaks before it does in other parts of the state, but there is still so much bright color to be seen here and the rest of Vermont.  Even for veteran foliage observers and longtime locals, this fall feels pretty special. Wherever you turn, there are mountains and hills glowing with shades of red, orange and yellow.

If you live in Vermont or plan to visit in October, make plans to get outside and enjoy this magnificent season. It’s the best fall foliage Vermont has seen in years.

**If You Go: Vermont Tourism Fall Foliage Info
Visit Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

Town of Peacham

Fall foliage in Peacham, Vermont
A quiet, country road in Peacham.