We returned to the Peru Fair last weekend for the first time since Phoebe was born.  It was so good to be back at this festive Vermont event, especially with an active, curious toddler in tow.

Before Dave and I became parents, we loved strolling through the crowd at the Peru Fair while admiring handmade pottery and artwork (Honestly, who were those people? I barely recognize that version of ourselves anymore).

This year it was quite different. We played with leaves in the grass, ate ice cream, sang the ABC song on the shuttle bus from Bromley and took goofy photos. The highlight of the day was Phoebe’s first ride on a little brown pony. It was something I’ll never forget.

I’ve always loved the Peru Fair. As a parent, I love it even more.

**If You Go (next year): Peru Fair

Phoebe’s first pony ride at the Peru Fair.


A proud mama and her little girl.


  • I love the photos as well as the attachment of the Fair’s banner. Also you capture how your love of the fair continues even though your activities and interests are different today than they once were. Lovely and inviting article. Wish I was there! And looks like we may once again have a budding equestrian in the family. ~J

    • Thanks, Jeanne. It was such a great day and Phoebe had so much fun. She has been talking about “pony” and “bus” ever since we left the fair.

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