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Recently, someone asked me to describe a significant childhood experience that helped shape who I am today.  At first I struggled with the answer because it’s so hard to choose a single moment in time. But then it dawned on me. Of course, the answer was simple.

Moving to Vermont when I was 8 years old was one of the most important things to ever happen to me. Growing up here has influenced my life in so many ways. My values, goals and perspective are all closely connected to this amazing place that I am proud to call home.

I really need to thank my parents for moving here because Vermont has been one the greatest gifts of my life. I hope my daughter someday feels the same way.


  • someday I hope to retire there,living in ct but all my free time is spent in your beautiful state,the people mach the beauty of the state

    • Hi Denise — That’s great that you are able to spend so much time here. Honestly, I never want to leave! Take care and thanks for saying hello!


  • Hi! I found your blog thru twitter and this entry about Vermont hit home with me. I too was 8 years old when my father moved me, my two sisters and mother from New Jersey to Camp Brook Road in Bethel VT. It really was the best gift my parents ever gave us girls even though it was a hard life. Unfortunately they never understood what a wonderful thing they had done for us and always felt we had missed out on so many “opportunities” offered in the city. Not!! I now live in Maine but Vermont is and always will be part of my very soul and it’s only 3 hours away :)

    • Hi Lynn,

      Thanks so much for saying hello. I’m happy to hear that particular post resonated with you. Vermont is such a great place to grow up, isn’t it? Since you’re only a few hours away, I hope you’re able to visit now and then. Thanks again for connecting. Great to hear from you!

    • Lynn, do you have a sister Lorilei and sister named Elizabeth? Mother Betty and father Peter? If so I am your cousin Lorraine. My parents are Winifred Everett and Carl Seidel. Spent vacations on your farm as a kid. Horses Pete and Rocky. Would love to catch up!
      Lorraine 518-795-0724

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