A handful of Vermont roads are closed during the winter months because they are too steep and challenging to navigate in the snow. Most of these mountain or “gap” roads cross the Green Mountains and are closed to traffic between November and May.

Bethel Mountain Road between the towns of Rochester and Bethel is open year-round. The road, which climbs to more than 2,000 feet and connects Routes 100 and 12, offers views of the Connecticut River Valley and the Green Mountains.
I normally don’t drive solo in my 2003 Subaru over steep mountain roads. But recently I decided to make the trek over Bethel Mountain Road by myself. When I pulled over to take this photo near the summit, I was a little nervous. My car has 137,000 miles on the odometer, and I have an occasional fear of heights. I’m also a slow driver, so the thought of descending down the mountain was slightly nerve-wracking.
Given that combination, I didn’t get to enjoy the views as much as I had hoped. I caught a glimpse of Killington to the south and the river valley towns to the east. From what I could see, it all looked beautiful.
But next time I’m going to ask Dave to drive.
**If You Go: Town of Rochester


  • Not certain whether I’ve navigated this road or not… I am somewhat familiar with that area… every post you do makes me think maybe it’s time to make a trip back to Vermont as it’s been a few years… thanks for the wonderful reminders! Larry

  • Congrats on conquering your fears and getting out there. I know what you mean about taking on those treacherous drives all alone, though. Be careful out there. Happy Holidays to you, too!

  • Hi Larry — It would be great to have you come back for a visit! Happy Holidays!

    Hi Heather — I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! Enjoy the holidays!

    Hi Susan — I hope you’re right. Happy Holidays!

  • You got a shot of those beautiful skies we have been having lately. I would be hesitant too to drive on steep hills in an older car. Drive safe! and happy holidays!

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