Old First Church

On a recent morning I visited The Old First Church in Bennington, the first church in Vermont to reflect the separation of church and state. The church, built in the early 1800s, includes a beautiful cemetery where Robert Frost is buried.

My favorite detail about this lovely, peaceful place are the words engraved on Frost’s gravestone: “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.”

**If you go: The Old First Church


  • I hope you have seen the inside as well – one of the most beautiful interior spaces, and worship spaces, I have seen anywhere – a superb examples of the evolution of the New England meeting house.

  • Robert certainly took the less traveled path, and I am glad he did make a difference. Great poet, great poems and great final words…

    Stay adventurous,

  • Hi Erin — Seriously, that epitaph is incredible!

    Hi Baydog — Yes, it’s across from the old inn on the hill. It’s a gorgeous spot. That old inn looks very intriguing and spooky.

    Hi Chris — I have yet to go inside, but I definitely will. I have seen photos and it looks amazing.

    Hi Craig — You’re right — he was an amazing man who followed his own unique path in life. Such an inspiration.

  • Looks amazing… I am so jealous of all of the historical beauty you guys have on the east coast. Chicago has history, but yours is much older and more picturesque.

  • Beautiful church – and I agree that the interior is worth checking out!

    If you go up to the second level and look around, you’ll see initials and names carved into the wood on one side of the church, and the other side is untouched.

    Interesting that ‘back in the day’ the congregation was separated by gender – girls on one side, boys on the other. I wonder which side the boys sat on?

    Other than Robert Frost’s grave, the cemetery contains the graves of many Hessians and Americans from the Battle of Bennington.

    Always worth a visit!

  • Hi Hotel Chicago — The history here is pretty incredible. I hope you visit us sometime soon!

    Hi Scott — Thanks for your suggestions. I went back to the church and cemetery a few days later, and the old graves and church interior were well worth a second look!

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