Lye Brook Falls Vermont

It takes a little bit of time and effort to see Lye Brook Falls in Manchester.

While visiting southern Vermont over the weekend, Dave and I took an impromptu hike to the 125-foot waterfall located deep in woods of the Green Mountain National Forest. Even though I was wearing flip-flops, a T-shirt and capri pants, we decided to give it a try.

Lye Brook is the longest waterfall hike in the state. Half-way through our 2.3-mile trek to the falls, we decided to keep going despite my poor choice of footwear. We walked along rock beds, tip-toed through chilly streams, and navigated narrow trails before finally reaching the falls. Needless to say, the hike was worth it.

Thanks to my friends at Vermont Life for suggesting this wonderful waterfall hike in the magazine’s summer issue. Next time, I’ll just have to remember to wear trail shoes.


  • Cara Erica…I would have loved to see you in capri-pants….so sympatic…!!!!!!
    WONDERFUL green woods…just really magnificient….and fantasic photos!!!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  • It sounds so cool, just where I would like to be on a hot May day! Thanks also for the link to the map. I looked it up in the AMC book Nature Walks in Southern Vermont by Mark Mikolas – I’d love to explore the area some day.

  • Hi Tammy, thanks for stopping by. This week would definitely be a good time to visit the falls to cool off! I just started following your blog. Looking forward to your posts.

    HI Susan — Don’t you just love trekking around in flip-flops? Can’t be too good for our feet. I felt silly walking by all of these hikers in their trail shoes and boots.

    Hi Elvira — Thanks so much. I should have asked my husband to take a photo of me trying to hike in my outfit. It would have been entertaining to see.

    Hi Hilke — Thanks! You should definitely check out the falls. The area is practically in your backyard!

    Hi Alyson — It’s true. You really can’t beat the green woods in NE!

  • Hi El – Thanks for stopping by. I felt more silly than brave for hiking in flip flops, and I don’t recommend it as footwear in the woods! Lye Brook is a lovely area. The falls are so beautiful.

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