Southern Vermont Arts Center
The sculptures at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester always make me feel a little nostalgic. During my childhood I spent many hours at the center taking summer art classes, attending performances, and strolling the grounds. A few unusual sculptures were always there in the background, and they turned out to be what I remember the most about this beautiful place.

Last week I visited the Arts Center and came across some familiar sculptures as well as some new ones — a painted horse, a mammoth key, and a giant screw.

If you travel to Manchester, take some time to visit the Arts Center’s outdoor sculpture garden, impressive galleries, and scenic grounds. This weekend the center will open for the season and host a public opening reception for the outdoor sculpture exhibit on Saturday from 4-6 p.m.

Some places are not always as nice as you remember. But the Arts Center is even better than my sweet childhood memories.

The Yester House Gallery, a 28-room mansion, was purchased as the
permanent home for the Southern Vermont Arts Center in 1951.


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