Friesians of Majesty
Friesians of Majesty is a 650-acre horse farm in Townshend that is owned and operated by breeder and trainer Robert Labrie.
I met Robert a couple of years ago and was fascinated by his story.In 2000, Robert sold his asphalt business in Massachusetts, moved to Vermont and bought his first Friesian horse. Since relocating to Vermont, he has become an experienced, full-time horse trainer and breeder. His farm is now home to about 40 Friesian horses, many of which compete in various equestrian events throughout the region.
Friesians of Majesty offers sleigh rides in the winter, as well as various riding clinics and equestrian performances throughout the summer and fall. The farm’s setting is picturesque, the horses are exquisite, and Robert is a wonderful host. Visit


  • Wow, what beautiful creatures. I love how they have those red highlights in their manes. The second photo is my favorite. The horses look so attentive, like they’ve got their eye on someone who’s bringing them their favorite treat!

  • Cedar — It’s such a nice spot. Definitely worth a weekend trip!

    Heather — The horses are amazing. I wish I had better shots of them. The horses in the second photo were looking at Robert, the trainer. So attentive!

    Hilke — I’m so glad you stopped by! Townshend is just down the road from you. I didn’t know anything about Friesians until I visited this farm. You are right, they are a wonderful breed.

    Tony — Thank you!

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