camel's hump view

All of this sunshine is such a surprise. November in New England can be a dreary mix of gray, gloom, rain and sleet. Needless to say, the 11th month is one I occasionally dread.

But lately the sky seems exceptionally cheerful and bright, making these past few weeks some of the most beautiful we’ve seen all year.

Temperatures have recently dipped into the 20s at night, only to warm up considerably during the day. Each morning we wake up to a thick layer of frost, which covers Vermont’s hillsides with an icy glaze before the sun quickly melts it away.

Frost covers flowers in our yard.


  • Hello! This is my first time visiting your blog. Very nice posts and pictures! We too have had a marvelous November, the best this fall and we usually have a cold dreary November as well.

  • I’m getting caught up after my travels – this photo really caught me up. First thought was one of those old colored postcards from early 20th cen. Nice effect. We live in a beautiful state for sure.

  • There is no moment better than this one, to “shoot” amzazing landscapes like you did with this picture…..this must be north-wind..and the mountains seem very close and cristal clear!
    ciao elvira

  • Thanks everyone! So great to hear from you all. Views like this one definitely make me happy to live in this fine state!

    Matt — yes, it’s Camel’s Hump in the distance. The photo was taken in Montpelier.

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