Chittenden Reservoir is tucked away between Pittsford and Killington in a rural area surrounded by the Green Mountain National Forest. A favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, the reservoir is owned by Green Mountain Power (formerly CVPS) and began providing renewable energy in 1909.

Near the boat launch at the south end of the reservoir is a dam as well as a few houses along the shoreline. Even with minimal residential development and a hydroelectric dam, the area is very peaceful and pristine.

I was amazed at how quiet everything seemed. Covering 750 acres in the town of Chittenden, the reservoir is especially popular for canoeing, kayaking and fishing. Several miles of trails around the lake are used for cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, hiking and horseback riding. The area is also a haven for moose, bald eagles, loons, deer and ducks. It’s a nice spot for exploring the outdoors anytime of year.

Chittenden is 74.2 square miles, making it the largest town by area in Vermont.

Learn more about the reservoir on Vermont Public Radio, which recently aired a story about Chittenden Reservoir’s 100th birthday.


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